Who We Are

We are an experienced, fast-growing, electronic     banking account service provider delivering comprehensive solutions across all payment forms, card brands and   merchant segments.Our management team has over 30-years of experience in the financial services industry, including more than 25 years within the electronic payments field working for some of the   industry’s largest and most successful companies. We’re a highly experienced company with the energy and enthusiasm of a startup, bolstered by the fresh perspective of a new leadership group.


What We Serve

We serve a diverse range of merchants.
  • 5-Star restaurants
  • Multi-site quick serve restaurants
  • Local retail stores to national chains
  • Corner convenience stores to multi-lane grocery stores
  • Lodging
  • Internet storefronts
  • Business-to-business firms
  • And many more…

What We Offer

We offer tremendous flexibility in our payment and connectivity options, so no matter what a business requires, we are equipped to offer the ideal solution.


We’ll analyze your business and examine the payment structure. In almost every case, we’ll find ways to help you save significant money by reducing your overall cost of processing.


After we learn the important stuff, we’ll show you how to improve your point-of-sale set-up to make your payment systems easier, faster and more profitable.


The final step in assisting you to become better equipped is the application and set-up process.  With our extensive experience in back office management, we can make this process.

IC Solutions Intl

The answer to all your credit, debit, check, gift cards, and prepaid solutions. So many businesses around the country are entrusting their payment systems to us because we’re changing the electronic payments industry. We provide:Toll-free 24-hour support The highest levels of quality, security and reliability Customized solutions incorporating the latest and best technologies Lower processing costs (test us and see—9 times out of 10 we’re able to lower a business’s overall processing costs!) Innovative revenue-building programs.We provide the tools to help you build your brand and enhance customer loyalty through gift card programs, data mining systems and other initiatives to help you track sales, capture data, learn more about your customers, and design offers to keep those customers coming back